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Sole proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is formed when an individual takes up a business activity with the aim of generating an economic profit. The owner is liable for this risk with all their business and private assets.

limited liability company

A GmbH is formed when one or more natural or legal persons with a specific amount of capital (min. CHF 20,000) join together as a company. The company is liable with the company assets.

Limited company

An AG (Ltd) is founded by one or more persons. These persons bring a certain amount of capital that is broken down into parts (shares). The share capital is at least CHF 100,000 (partially paid-in possible). The company is liable with the company's assets.

I'm still not sure

Do your wishes differ from the aforementioned company forms (e.g. founding of a different partnership, non-cash capital founding)? Our support team will clarify the details with you and create a no-obligation personal offer.


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