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The incorporation service includes clarification of your questions, personal assistance by startup experts, lawyers and notaries, creation of required documents for the company creation and PostFinance and entry in the Commercial Register.

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The most frequently used online incorporation service in Switzerland includes everything you need:

  • Clarifying your questions with our start-up experts
  • Execution of the incorporation by our experienced support team and lawyers
    • Creation of all required documents by lawyers:
    • Commercial register registration
    • Notarised signature
  • Entry of all documents in the commercial register
  • Processing the opening of a business account with PostFinance if you choose
  • Special offers from renowned partners

Cost of entry in the commercial register (around CHF 150 - 250) is billed to the company directly by the cantonal commercial register office.

Partners for your startup

Dedicated partners support your incorporation financially. With your individual startup credit.